What Kind of a University Life Should We Live?
eseleler Podcast: In the sixth section of the Youth File with the title "Üniversite101", "How should we study university?" and "How should we spend university life?" We tried to clarify the subject from a broad perspective by searching for answers to their questions, and eventually we presented a guide to our young friends who are just starting university or who are already university students. In this article, I will examine the issue of how to spend university life rather than how to study university, because studying at university is only a part of university life. University life is not just about your department and university; In addition, other fields you want to work in, your hobbies, civil society studies, trips you have made, people you meet, what you have read and all your experiences about this period (for example, the experience of going home and living alone) make up your university life as a whole. If we approach university life from this point of view, not just as the school we study at, and grasp that university life is a "life cycle" with its own dynamics, we will not limit our learning and discovery experience to what is suggested to us within the four walls.
 So, what kind of culture should we spend the university life, which is a life age that includes different experiences?
 First of all, we should understand that; university life exists to enable us to have a profession that will add value to the world in the future. For this reason, we should choose a field by considering the problems we want to solve during our university years, the dreams and goals we want to achieve, and the troubles we want to be a remedy, and we should spend most of our time to gain equipment in this field / fields. There is a teaching referred to as Dharma in Indian beliefs such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Dharma expresses the purpose and basic duty of human existence in life. All beliefs offer us a similar doctrine: as a mortal, man has a duty to the world and must devote his life to the fulfillment of that mission.
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