What is Volunteering? | What are the Institutions to be a Volunteer?

What is volunteering? What does volunteerism bring you? In which institutions can you volunteer? We have written everything you wonder about volunteering for you.

Volunteering, by STGM, ‘without expecting an individual’s financial reward or any other benefit expectation, to improve the quality of life of individuals outside their family or immediate environment or to reach a goal that is generally considered to be in the interest of society, by simply coming from within and believing that it is right, It is defined as’ supporting a social enterprise or activities within a non-governmental organization (NGO). The most important point here is to continue your volunteer work for your desired purpose. children from nature in Turkey, NGO’s working in many different topics ranging animals. The important thing is to find out in which area you want to contribute. You will realize that the volunteer experience has brought many positive changes in your life in the future, even if it is not when you start.

What Does Volunteer Work Bring Us?
Even if you do not gain a financial gain as a result of the activities you participate in voluntarily or long-term studies, it will bring many qualities to your life. For example;

1-You experience the pleasure of benefiting people who are beneficial to the society without expecting anything in return for which you voluntarily work. In this process, you learn to deal with problems in the right way and in the right time.

2- While we are students, we are inexperienced in working life and this experience is not something we can get with textbooks. The professional environment you will encounter when you work volunteers and the development in your ability to solve the problems increases your self-confidence and prepares you for working life.

3- You learn how to work in a team. One of the issues that individuals experience the most difficulties in business life is the inability to adapt to teamwork, and today people who are prone to teamwork are preferred in recruitment processes. Especially if you participate in volunteering during your studies, you will learn to adapt to business processes and use time correctly with the teamwork you will perform.

4- You will make new friendships thanks to volunteer work. Your social relationships improve, volunteering is one of the most effective methods of socialization. It also improves your emotional intelligence, which allows you to manage emotions in positive ways, communicate effectively, and empathize with others to reduce stress.

5- After graduation, you decide in which direction you will shape your career. By learning the organizational operation of institutions, you become aware of the works that are enjoyable in your life. It shapes your future plans.

You can start your volunteering work by discovering the institution that is relevant to the subject. You can reach institutions by e-mail or fill out volunteering forms on their site. Institutions that need volunteerism will organize meetings at intervals for the sustainability of these efforts. With these interviews, it becomes easier for you to determine the right task for you.

As E-Scholarship, we recommend and support your participation in volunteer work in your student life. For this purpose, we have listed some institutions you can volunteer for.

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