10 Tips for a Successful CV

You have just graduated or you are still studying at university… You want to start an internship or start a job anywhere… The first step is to find the right place for you and then send your CV! Employees in Human Resources say that a CV is viewed for an average of 7 seconds. Very short time! It is up to you to prepare the most effective CV in such a short time.

So how to prepare this CV? What should be considered? Here are 10 tips for answering those questions!

  1. Attention to the subject of photography!
    There are two different views on adding photos; with and without addition. It must be a professional photo if you want to add it. A vacation photo on your CV will not look very professional.
  2. Important stages in education should not be forgotten!
    If you have completed an exchange program or a double major abroad, you should definitely mention it on your CV. Also; Remember that transfers between universities or departments are also important.
  3. Job description is as important as the title!
    Just writing your title does not adequately explain the information about your job. Work and internship experiences in reverse chronology; In other words, going from the present to the past and summarizing not more than 5 items is extremely important in terms of evaluating the experiences of the other party.
  4. You can define yourself by your skills!
    Features such as diligence, suitability for teamwork, taking initiative are features that can be found in almost every CV. Whereas, if you focus on your job-specific skills, training, and competencies, you’ll be telling yourself more about yourself.
  5. It is useful not to go into too much detail!
    Of course, it is important to list the program knowledge and skills related to your job, but being able to use Skype is not a merit. You don’t need to write them on your CV.

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