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Internet usage has become widespread with the digitalization of the world. Social media sites are the most preferred sites of the internet that affect most of us. Social square comes into our lives more and more every day. These sites, which we used only to message our friends when they first came out, are with us in every aspect of our lives today! As E Bursum, we wrote an article about social media. How would you like to examine it together?

Is Traditional Media Becoming a History?
Initially, the information shared via websites was produced and consumed unilaterally. Since the transition of the internet structure from the structure called web 1.0 to the structure called 2.0, the interaction of the media has turned into a double-sided structure. The beginning of this structure was through blogs. Blog content started to come back and websites grew rapidly to create a media type called social media. Considering that it is very easy to reach social media, which we use in many areas such as receiving news, sharing information, advertising, can we think that traditional media is stuck in the corner? We can also take into account the fact that many newspapers are closed, digital publishing is increasing, and we spend more time on social media. Most of us have not watched TV for years, but we cannot disconnect from our social media accounts!

The Effect of Social Media on Our Lives
Social media started to take place in all areas of our lives. We Are Social 2020 report on Turkey by the average daily internet time we spend 7 hours and 29 minutes. From April 2019 to January 2020, the number of users of these sites has increased by 2.2 million. So what are the reasons why we prefer social media? Let's look at this issue in more detail, considering that there is an interaction that we benefit from, as well as the damages we see a lot!

Social Media and Some Benefits
While we all actually want to access something, we go easy on everything. It is sufficient to have a telephone, computer or any technological device to reach social media. We can easily access all information on every subject. For example, when we want to go on a trip, we can easily reach all the criticisms about that place.
Interaction with social media has started to be two-sided. In other words, although we cannot fully show our reaction to a news we watched on TV, we can return to everything shared on social media within minutes. We can share our ideas, we can comment! Being able to do these makes us feel important and creates the perception that we are a part of this world.
Social media is dynamic. We can contact anyone we want at any time on social media sites that are online 24/7. We are just a message away from people who are experts in their work, to artists who were listened to with admiration on the radio, or a friend we haven't seen for years! In the years when the Republic was declared, it took days, sometimes even months, for a news to reach the east of the country from the west. Considering how valuable time is for us, social media opens many doors for us.
"We have a technology that enables us to make countless connections for the first time in human history."

Pierre Omidyar, eBay Founder
There are institutions in the field in which we personally create ourselves! Social media is also a great opportunity to announce the campaigns and advertisements of the world-famous institutions under one roof! Considering that the interaction is also very fast, it can shape its products and increase its profitability by taking the opinions of its customers.
"If you make the customer unhappy in the real world, he will tell 6 people his unhappiness, if you make him unhappy in the virtual world, he will tell 6,000 people."

Jeff Bozos, CEO of Amazon.com
It is also very effective in announcing social responsibility projects. The doors are wide open to reach people who can support any project we have in mind and to enlarge our project!
Social media blogging, social media expertise, being a youtuber, and by making many new professions widespread, it gives us a glimmer of hope with new job opportunities to make money.
Social Media and Some Losses
 We moved away from real life and started living in the virtual world! We travel to share, eat to share, read for sharing… Yes, we turn experiences into memories with photos. But we shouldn't have experience to take pictures!
The times when we cannot establish healthy relationships are increasing. How many of us are unable to lift our heads at the meals we eat with our family or while chatting with our friends.
It causes many diseases such as depression, sleep disorders, narcissism, difficulty in concentration, weight gain due to inactivity.
According to studies, the work performance of employees who use social media in their workplaces decreases and employees start to experience problems over time.
It spoils our memory. For example, when we look back years after we took a photo we laughed with a friend we discussed in a friend environment and shared it on our social media accounts, we remember that moment with a laughing photo. We create virtual memory and ignore the current fear, sadness, anger, emotion. And when we encounter that emotion in the future, our power to cope with this emotion decreases.
Not all information shared on social media is true! There is a lot of information pollution, it would be good to do a little research after reading the information.
The Obsession Of Approval And Being Liked On Social Media

Like on social media
We all want to be liked because we want our existence to be proven. Our inner desire to be liked actually comes from our childhood. While our approval mechanism started from our closest circle and progressed gradually like our teacher and friend, now it has completely changed with social media! We started to bring the things we do as human beings to the virtual environment. There are feedbacks such as heart, like, dislike under the posts we share on social media. We buy likes and followers and even buy dislikes on some platforms! While this situation affected us, we started to determine the quality with our number of likes.

Are We Aware that We Are Moving away from Quality and Approaching Quantity?
Are we aware that we are moving away from quality and getting closer to quantity with thoughts like how many people are following, how many people liked it? How many people are we who can say "I want to be a good person, musician, writer, artist" instead of saying "I want to be famous." Researches show that as tastes feed our ego, this goes as far as narcissism (adoring oneself, roughly falling in love with one's own). On the one hand, we move away from being ourselves in order to be admired, and objectify by moving away from human skills to please everyone. At this point, it is important to know and complete ourselves! While this is a much longer journey, social media as a tool makes it shorter and more temporary. The choice is yours!

"Please repeat: Influence is not popularity."

Brian Solis, renowned media strategist and Bestseller writer
Social Media and Depression
We can follow anyone we want on the social media platforms we use in all areas of our lives. Sometimes it's our favorite artist, a brand whose products we like, or our friends in college. Thanks to our human impulse, our curiosity, we wonder what people do, what they think, what they share. When we don't act in a controlled manner, we start to imitate their reflexes. It causes situations such as not being able to go on vacation and not being satisfied with our own life because we cannot eat the food we have eaten. This situation further increases the chances of going into depression. And since we are not satisfied with ourselves, it is inevitable to turn into an asocial being!

"If you want to exist; be who you are. "

We Have Control!
We discussed the beneficial or harmful aspects of social media. Actually, we cannot say anything clearly since there are so many aspects at both points. We cannot derive an inference that we should never use social media. We shouldn't be afraid of technology and there is no escape! At this point, it is effective that we use social media as a tool, not a goal. Social media does not rule our lives; It should be used as a tool that enables us to share information, entertain, and learn.

So do we want to be the masters of social media? Or is it his slave? We are in control!

Towards the end of our article, we tried to find answers to many questions about social media. We hope we all become healthy digital people. We wish you success that you will shine brightly in your life. Take care of yourselves. Stay tuned to E Bursum Blog!

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