We have a dream. Sometimes we did not leave the desk for ten hours to succeed, sometimes we barely survived two hours of sleep… There was a university dream that most of us were dying to achieve. Some of us have achieved this dream and are at university… Some of us continue to strive for it. So what awaits us at this destination? We won the university, but now what should we do for the better? We shouldn’t forget that while the university is the destination at the end of a marathon, it is also a starting point. A new way. You are in a place where you can find very nice new ways for yourself, and perhaps offer you various opportunities to become the person of your dreams. ” So what are the possibilities that await us on this path? How should we spend our university life in order to be better equipped? What should we do for an active university life? “

We have prepared an article for you with the advice and research we have received from our esteemed faculty members, who were sitting in our seats in time, where you can find the answers to all these questions, and now look at the student from the closest point, as well as from our senior classmates who are close to the end of this process. Let’s learn together what we should do for an active university life!

Take a deep breath!
First, take a deep breath! Explore your campus and make new friends. Remember that while you are taking an important step in your career, you are also in a place where you will add new memories to your memories. Don’t be afraid to meet new people. Be observant and open to new ideas. And start all this with a smile!

Be enthusiastic to have ideas. Ask questions you don’t know. Consult the upper classes, ask your lecturers about unfamiliar topics, talk to the librarian. Do preliminary research about the courses you will take. Take it step by step and stay calm. Those who study in a different city than the one they live in should research the city they are located in, not just about the school. For this, be sure to check out the City Guide category with great articles on our blog!

Our university years actually cover our most productive years. While there is a career-oriented productivity in this process, in fact, social responsibility-oriented efficiency is of great importance for us in the field of personal development and benefit in our lives. First of all, “What can we do to achieve career-oriented efficiency?” Let’s have a look at this.

Participate in the Seminars!
There will be many seminars that each school will organize during the semester. Be sure to follow! In this platform, where you will find experienced people both in the field you are interested in and in different subjects, listening to their experiences will make a great contribution to you and will undoubtedly improve your world of thought.

Discover Libraries!
Perhaps one of the most beautiful places at your school will be the libraries, without exception. Here you can find the books that are necessary for your academic education, as well as to know many valuable and different items that have gained fame in our literature; It is possible to observe different points of view! In addition, you can borrow books within the framework of the library rules, so you can get the chance to read new books. At the same time, exploring the library is very important not only for buying and reading books, but also for living that atmosphere. It will be an experience where you will cooperate with people you do not know and reach the climax of cooperation from time to time! In this way, you will have taken the right step for an active university life by expanding both your circle and perspective!

Join Certificate Programs!
In fact, although they have the same aims as seminars, some seminars do not receive a certificate at the end. Therefore, you can also do a research on whether the programs you will attend give certificates or not. Of course, the important thing at this point is that besides the certificate, you will add yourself from these seminars and programs, you will have equipment and improve your communication network! At the same time, Career Summit, etc. that you will attend through your school. In addition to the programs, you can get training in many subjects (computer, software, etc.) through the public education centers and cultural centers in the city where you are studying and by obtaining a certificate that you have completed this training.

Improve Your Hobbies, Get New Hobbies!
Don’t stop exploring yourself! Learn new hobbies, focus on your interests. You can achieve this through the clubs in the school or with the environment you acquire. But remember that even in job recruitment, your personal development and skills are now important.

Improve Your Language!
Today, the importance given to language actually appears in many ways. The indispensable question in job recruitment and interviews: “How many languages ​​do you speak? At what level? ” That’s why you should evaluate the courses your school will open. If you focus on this issue, you will make a difference and you will have a very important equipment. Language, whatever people

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